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Lunes, 12 Septiembre 2022

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Modulation of Popocatépetl’s activity by regional and worldwide earthquakes

Volcanoes switching from quiescence to eruption shortly after catastrophic earthquakes have raised interest for volcanic triggering and the influence of earthquakes on volcanic activity. Its influence on already active systems and especially at open-vent volcanoes is more difficult to apprehend. A number of recent observations suggest an influence of tectonic earthquakes on Popocatépetl’s activity, the importance of which remains unknown. To further investigate this, we introduce an index, based on the near-field concept, identifying the earthquakes with the highest potential to promote volcanic activity (hereafter termed “significant earthquakes”). The time series of significant earthquakes is compared with the intensity of the volcanic activity, as characterized by the number and energy of volcano-tectonic earthquakes, the number of dome extrusions, the intensity of thermal and degassing fluxes, and ash production. Three main periods with contrasting activity stand out showing that Popocatépetl presents intense activity when significant tectonic earthquakes are frequent. Enhanced extrusion apparently follows significant earthquakes quickly with pulses of dome extrusion that peak after 1.3 ± 0.3 years. Conversely, extrusive activity vanishes when significant seismicity disappears, as during the period 2003–2011, which coincides with a 12-year-long significant seismicity gap. Hence, we propose that the 1994–2022 open-vent activity at Popocatépetl is in part modulated by the repetitive occurrence of significant earthquakes that periodically promote volcanic activity.

Boulesteix, Thomas; Legrand, Denis;Taquet, Noémie; Coppola, Diego; Laiolo, Marco; Valade, Sébastien; Massimetti, Francesco; Caballero-Jiménez, Gema; Campion, Robin.

Bulletin of Volcanology, 84 (2022)

Solid-Supported Tetrahydropyran-Based Hybrid Dipeptide Catalysts for Michael Addition of Aldehydes to Nitrostyrenes

The heterogenization of homogeneous catalysts onto a solid support is a step towards a more sustainable chemistry. The recovery and reuse of catalysts is extremely important from a practical, economic and environmental point of view. In this regards, we report a series of polymer-supported tetrahydropyran-based hybrid dipeptides that serve as active catalysts for the enantioselective Michael addition of aldehydes to β-nitrostyrenes. These supported catalysts have been designed considering the optimal anchor position and orientation between the catalyst and the solid support. Additionally, the influence of the linker length on the catalytic efficiency was studied. The catalysts allowed the transformation of a variety of substrates in 76–98% yield and with 94–97% enantiomeric excess. Detailed deactivation studies have provided important information, which allows to increase the useful life of these immobilized catalysts.

García-Monzón, Irma; Borges-González, Jorge; Martín, Tomás

Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2022, 364

Shortest Enantioselective Total Syntheses of (+)-Isolaurepinnacin and (+)-Neoisoprelaurefucin

The shortest enantioselective total syntheses of (+)-isolaurepinnacin and (+)-neoisoprelaurefucin have been accomplished. These syntheses were based on a common parallel synthetic strategy using Prins–Peterson cyclization in their core construction. In only one step, a seven-membered ring oxacycle with the correct cis-stereochemistry ring closure and the Δ4 position of the endocyclic double bond in (+)-isolaurepinnacin was obtained. This unsaturation was also necessary to accede to the bromodioxabicycle on (+)-neoisoprelaurefucin.

Sinka, Victoria; Cruz, Daniel A.; Martín, Víctor S.; Padrón, Juan I.

Organic Letters 2022, 24, 29, 5271–5275


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