Sustainable metal catalysis. Application in heterocyclic chemistry, and biologically active natural products and derivatives

New synthetic methodologies based on sustainable metal catalysis

Organic synthesis is constantly demanding new methodologies that can be used to generate new interesting compounds. Currently these new synthetic tools not only have to be efficient and reliable but is more important than ever for them to be aligned with the principles of Green Chemistry as well.

Our research group works on the development of new synthetic methodologies catalysed by sustainable metals as iron. Using these metal catalysts, we are able to generate a wide range of chemical structures in a straightforward manner.

Synthesis of biologically relevant targets

The synthetic methodologies we develop in our research group have been successfully applied to the synthesis of natural products, analogues and derivatives, and to other types of bio-relevant structures as well.

It is important to remark that some of these synthetic routes developed in our group are the shortest ones today.

Therapeutic vaccines

Currently, all our experience in both synthesis and methodology is being used to create the settlement where new projects arise. The first two projects are related with the treatment of diseases present in our region.

One of these projects is focused on the preparation of a therapeutic vaccine against the ciguatoxin poisoning. Moreover, we have also generated a compound to treat prostate cancer, which is currently protected under a licensed patent.