This section includes the latest news, events, dissemination activities and blog articles related to the IPNA's research projects. 

It is also possible to consult the different audiovisual collections at IPNA and download them as educational material. 

Actividad de divulgación en el IPNA

Latest News

Here you will find the latest news on research, events, activities and new findings at the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology.


One of the main objectives of the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology is to disseminate the science carried out in the different departments of the centre and to share its findings with society. To this end, throughout the year various informative activities are carried out in both the Institute itself and in several fairs, forums, exhibitions and congresses, which are listed below.


The IPNA blog gathers informative articles on the different research projects developed in the centre, the latest advances in science and other topics of interest regarding scientific culture.

Educational Material

Repository of educational material for the consultation of different contents developed by the IPNA research groups.


Photo gallery with a scientific description of part of the fauna, flora and other items about which the research carried out in this centre is focused.

Video gallery

Latest videos from the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology.

Especies exóticas invasoras en Canarias

Seguridad alimentaria y desarrollo agrícola sostenible

Nanomateriales y algunas de sus aplicaciones

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