IPNA on Equality

The IPNA Equality Commission has been created with the purpose of ensuring that our research centre respects equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, ideology, or sexual orientation in all its activities and functions.

The members of the commission, who represent all the IPNA's professional bodies, are: Inés Pérez, Heriberto López, Eva PargaPaula Arribas, Pablo J. González, Esther MartínezIrma García, Carmen Curbelo, Víctor MolinaRubén Barroso, Pablo Alonso. González and Celia Extremo. For any incidences, queries or initiatives related to equality, our contact address is: comisiondeigualdad [at] ipna.csic.es.


IPNA's Equality Committee has the following functions:

  1. To foster and promote an Equality policy that will be developed, monitored and evaluated on the basis of continuous optimisation to ensure its validity and compliance.
  2. To inform and suggest to both the IPNA's Direction and the CSIC strategies, plans and measures aimed at advancing equal treatment and opportunities.
  3. To identify and evaluate the potential cases of inequality and discrimination at the IPNA-CSIC and to carry out specific awareness-raising and information campaigns aimed at all staff in order to foster a more inclusive and egalitarian environment in our Institute.
  4. To advise and support all those who suffer any kind of discriminatory treatment or harassment on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, culture or race, acting as mediators between individuals and competent institutions in matters of equality, and providing information and resources.
  5. To advocate for a reduction in the situation of inequality and under-representation of women in leadership, visibility, recognition and involvement in positions of high responsibility at the IPNA-CSIC through its policies and decisions at all levels.
  6. To participate in, support and promote initiatives at the IPNA-CSIC aimed at alleviating the consequences that motherhood and caregiving may have had on women's research activity. Additionally, any policy and regulations aimed at the right to work-life balance for all staff will be promoted, in an attempt to achieve equal working conditions for women and men.
CI IPNA 02.05.2024


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