Yaiza Perez
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Yaiza Pérez

Estudiante de doctorado
Molecular Sciences
Structure, design and molecular function

I have diverse interests within the world of research. However, my greatest interest is in therapeutic chemistry, mainly focused on the development of intelligent chemical structures that respond to particular biochemical stimuli by releasing active or fluorescent compounds. Examples of these structures are prodrugs, theragnostics, molecular capsules and chemical sensors. Currently, I am developing my research career in precisely this field, working on the synthesis and characterization of prodrugs and supramolecular structures capable of selectively releasing chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of colon cancer.

  • Doctoral Programme in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Development and Quality of Life. University of La Laguna, 2021 - present.
  • Master's Degree in Teacher Training. University of La Laguna.
  • Master's Degree in Chemistry. University of La Laguna (Extraordinary End-of-Degree Award).
  • Degree in Chemistry, University of La Laguna.
  • Degree in Building Engineering. University of La Laguna.

Extraordinary Prize of the Master's Degree in Chemistry, academic year 2018-2019, awarded by the University of La Laguna.

2nd Poster Communication Award for Master's and Doctoral students at the 16th Student Congress of the Chemistry Section, University of La Laguna, awarded by the Scientific Committee and sponsored by Orfan Biotechnology.

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