Humberto Adrián Rodríguez Hernández
Basic details and contact

Humberto Adrián Rodríguez Hernández

Becario Predoctoral
Molecular Sciences
Structure, design and molecular function

Humberto Adrián Rodríguez Hernández was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain in 1998. He was awarded the extraordinary award of the degree in chemistry. He is currently doing a master's degree in chemistry (specialty in organic chemistry) at the University of La Laguna, with a master's thesis guided by Dr. Juan Ignacio Padrón Peña and Víctor Sotero Martín.

Research Interests

Sustainable metal catalysis and Computational Organic Chemistry.

  • Graduated in Chemistry. University of La Laguna (2016-2020).
  • Msc in Chemistry, speciality in Crganic Chemistry. University of La Laguna (2020-Current).