Eva Parga
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Eva Parga Dans

Investigador/a Ramón y Cajal
Life and Earth Sciences
Social Sciences, Heritage and Food

Eva Parga-Dans holds a degree in Sociology (2005) from the University of A Coruña and a PhD in Applied Economics (2011) from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She specializes in the sociology of innovation and socio-economics of cultural heritage. As a postdoctoral researcher, she has carried out stays at the Department of Business Studies in Aalborg, Denmark (2009), the Department of Organization of the University Carlos III of Madrid, the Department of Management of the University Technique of Ambato, Ecuador (2014), the School of Administration ESPAE of ESPOL, Ecuador (2015) and the Interdisciplinary Center of Social Studies of the University Nova of Lisbon (2016). She has also participated as a consultant for the Spanish Ministry of Education for the evaluation of the social and economic impact of Altamira as a World Heritage Site (2013). Her line of research is currently focused on the wine sector, analyzing the quality processes of production, health and labeling and their connection with consumption in Spain and Portugal.

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