Juan José Bravo Rodríguez Agrobiology Laboratory

The laboratory on La Palma provides analytical services focused on primary sector enterprises on the island.  Its function is to respond to requests for chemical analyses of soil fertility, irrigation water, and musts and wines.

It uses the latest generation of procedures to analyse this type of samples, offering support to agricultural enterprises on the island in order to achieve optimum crop yield along with quality.


Type of Analysis

Using an atomic absorption spectrometer (AAnalyst™ 400, Perkin Elmer), we can identify 8 soil nutrients that are important in obtaining high crop yields. This helps us to quantitatively and qualitatively determine nutrients essential for improving soil productivity (e.g. calcium, magnesium, potassium).

In addition, the high-performance chemical analyser (TDI Miura 200) permits enzymatic, colorimetric and turbidimetric analyses of all types of musts and wines.

The results make it possible to evaluate:

  • Fertility of agricultural soils.
  • Quality of irrigation water for agricultural use.
  • Chemical quality of musts and wines.

Measurement parameters

The parameters measured will depend on the type of analysis required, among which the following should be highlighted:

Soils and irrigation water:

  • pH
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Organic matter
  • Phosphorus (Olsen)
  • Exchangeable bases (Ca, Mg, Na and K)
  • Nitrogen (Kjeldahl)
  • Anions (chlorides, carbonates, bicarbonates)

Musts and wines:

  • Volatile and total acidity
  • Acetic acid, Lmalic acid
  • Glucose+fructose 
  • Easily assimilated nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, αamino nitrogen
  • Free sulphur and total sulphur
  • Probable alcoholic strength (%vol)


  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AAnalyst™ 400, Perkin Elmer
  • Automatic Multiparametric Analyzer for enzymatic, colorimetric and turbidimetric chemical analysis, TDI Miura 200
  • UVVisible Spectrophotometer
  • pH meter
  • Conductivity meter


Our laboratory operates under strict rules, with a quality policy based on compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). The laboratory is staffed by scientists and technicians with many years’ experience.

How can I request a service?

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