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Rubén Barroso Martínez

Estudiante de doctorado
Life and Earth Sciences
Social Sciences, Heritage and Food

Rubén Barroso Martínez holds a degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts from the University of Mondragón (2020), better known as the Basque Culinary Centre, and a Master's degree in New Foods from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2021). 

As a gastronomist and researcher, he has worked in numerous restaurants including the prestigious Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark), where he enhanced his culinary creativity, his taste for the elaboration of fermented products, and enjoyment of  collecting wild edible plants.

Fascinated by the diversity of potentially edible wild species and their gastronomic applicability, he carried out ethnobotanical studies with the Taxonomy and Conservation of Biodiversity group at the University of León. His final degree project "Gastronomic applicability of edible wild plants in the Biosphere Reserve of Alto Bernesga (León)" opened doors for him as a teacher at the Spanish National Centre for Environmental Education (CENEAM) and at the Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation (FCAYC).He has carried out  a series of  studies related to the sensory analysis of food and beverages, such as one at the Food Science Research Institute (CIAL) for his Master's thesis "Comparison between orthonasal and retronasal perception of sensorially active volatile food compounds, in aqueous and lacteous solutions supplemented with functional ingredients", where he assessed how the aromas of certain food matrixes were perceived when supplemented by the food industry. His time at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ICVV) in La Rioja is also worthy of mention, where he began to focus on the sensory analysis of wines in his study "Validation of touch references as a tool to characterize the tactile sensations of red wines in the mouth", on which he has been a speaker at the National Congress of Oenological Research (GIENOL) and at the Congress of the Spanish Association of Sensory Analysis Professionals (AEPAS).

Currently, he has joined the IPNA as a predoctoral researcher with a University Teacher Training contract (FPU) with which he is working on the social construction and sensory analysis of volcanic wines.


Member of the Spanish Association of Sensory Analysis Professionals (AEPAS).

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