Jornadas de Agricultura Sostenible

Conference on Sustainable Agriculture in La Palma ((Central Hortofrutícola Breña Alta), with the collaboration of the Soil Fertility Service and the CSIC Unit in La Palma.


18.00 Opening of the conference (José Adrián Hernández, Consejero de Agricultura - Cabildo de La Palma)

18.15 Introduction of the Sustainable Agriculture Programme Results of the physical-chemical analyses: comparison between soils with conventional and ecological management (Mercedes Hernández González, IPNA-CSIC)

18.30 Comparative study of beneficial organisms in organically and conventionally cultivated soils. (Néstor Javier Abreu Acosta, Nertalab SL)

19.15 Introduction of new techniques for the study of soil microorganisms: what is Proteomics? (Jana Alonso Lorenzo, IPNA-CSIC)

19.30 TFG Exhibition: Nutritional study of the avocado fruit with organic and conventional cultivation management (Cecilia Ortega Zamora)

 Jornadas de Agricultura Sostenible