Second series of conferences Punto de Encuentro: Verónica Pino Estévez

We start July with a new round of the II series of conferences Punto de Encuentro. Dr. Verónica Pino Estévez, from the research group in Analytical, Agroalimentary and Environmental Chemistry at the University of La Laguna, will present her work in the talk "Analytical Microextraction and Metal-Organic Networks: from Crystallography to Analytical Chemistry". It will take place on Friday 5th July at 12.00 in the Conference Hall of the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology.

These sessions are open to the public and designed in an accessible format, with a 20-minute presentation followed by a questions and answers block. At IPNA-CSIC we want to create a common space in which experts in different areas can communicate in a direct and simple way various research topics among intellectuals and academics, generating an environment of intersection of knowledge and scientific collaboration. Come and join us!

II Ciclo de Conferencias Punto de Encuentro: Verónica Pino Estévez