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Fernando García Tellado

Investigador Científico
Molecular Sciences
Structure, design and molecular function

Fernando García-Tellado was born in Tenerife, Spain in 1957. He studied chemistry at the University of La Laguna where he later obtained his Ph. D. in 1983 under the supervision of Profs. Antonio González González, B. M. Fraga and Melchor García Hernández. After completing a post-doctoral work with Prof. James R. Hanson at the University of Sussex, UK (1985-1986), he received a permanent position at the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in 1986 and was promoted to Research Scientist in 2008. He was a Fulbright visiting researcher at the group of Prof. Andrew D. Hamilton at the University of Pittsburgh, USA (1989-1991). He leads his own research group from the year 1992 and his research is mainly focused on the development of new efficiency-based synthetic methodologies, organocatalysis, diversity-oriented synthesis, and aqueous chemistry.

Main scientific milestones:

  • ABB’ multicomponent reactions: a new concept of chemical reactivity.
  • A good nucleophile generates and strong base: a new concept of chemical reactivity generation.
  • Development of the pluripotent molecular platform concept.
  • The development of the first hydrogen-bond asymmetric organocatalysis under on water conditions.
Research Interests

Molecular complexity and function

Organocatalysis and molecular construction

Domino processes and molecular complexity generation

Organic synthesis in the presence of water

Construction of chemical libraries focused to the searching of biological/pharmaceutical annotations

Small molecule approach to drug discovery

  • B.Sc. Universidad de La Laguna (1979)
  • M.Sc. Universidad de La Laguna (1980)
  • PhD, Universidad de La Laguna (1983)
Professional Experience
  • 2008- Research Scientist, IPNA-CSIC, La Laguna, España
  • 1986-2008 Tenured Scientist, IPNA-CSIC, La Laguna, España
  • 1989-1990 Senior Fulbright, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • 1985-1986 Posdoctoral RSC fellow, University of Sussex, Sussex, UK.
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