Eduardo E.
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Eduardo Rodríguez Expósito

Técnico de Investigación y Laboratorio
Life and Earth Sciences
Island Ecology and Evolution

After graduating in Biology, I worked for a few years on projects related to evolution, ecology and population genetics, focusing on the reintroduction of the paloma rabiche in Gran Canaria (Columba junoniae), the study of mountain greenfinches in the Iberian Peninsula, studies of avian populations in Spanish national parks and speciation on islands (e.g. within the Fringilla coelebs species). I also learned several fieldwork techniques such as Japanese netting and ringing, radio-tracking, etc. Later, thanks to a pre-doctoral grant I did my PhD dissertation at the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC), focusing on the evolution of ecological trends related to sexual selection and conflict, as well as parental conflict and antagonistic sexual co-evolution processes. I am currently a member of the Island Evolution and Ecology group at the IPNA-CSIC, where I study seed dispersal networks of Cneorum pulverulentum by lizards of the genus Gallotia. My main fields of interest and study are therefore ethology, ecology and evolution, which have guided my development as a scientist since the beginning of my career. 

Research Interests

Ecology, island speciation, evolution, experimental evolution, genetics, sexual selection, sexual conflict

  • Degree in Biology, University of La Laguna (2006-2011)
  • Master's Degree in Terrestrial Biodiversity and Island Conservation, University of La Laguna (2011-2013)
  • PhD in Biology (International Mention), University of La Laguna (2014-2018)
  • Master's Degree in Teacher Training in Secondary School and Bachillerato, Vocational Training and Language Teaching, University of La Laguna (2018-2019)
Professional Experience
  • Contract at the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology (IPNA-CSIC) as a technician for the project "Consequences of anthropogenic death: cascade effects on the individual seed dispersal network" (Ref. PGC2018-099772-B-I00; IP Dr. Alfredo Valido Amador), (January 2020 - present)
  • Contract as a part-time English teacher at the Mayco School of English, (2018-2019)
  • Member of the Technical Office of the UTE Urbaser S.A - Interjardín S.L. (Parks and Gardens section), (2018-2019)
  • Contract at the Doñana Biological Station for the development of the PhD thesis (Pre-doctoral Contracts for the Training of Doctors / State Programme for the Promotion of Talent and its Employability in R&D&I of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), (2014-2018)
  • Contract with the Universidad de Oviedo to participate in the research project entitled "Genetic characterization, distribution and prevalence of (IP of the Dr. Juan Carlos Illera Cobo project), (2013-2014)
  • Training research grant as part of the project "Scientific advice and management work for the development of the project: Reintroduction of rabbit and turkey pigeons. Monitoring and evolution of the released specimens". Joint project between the Department of Animal Biology, zoology area, directed by Dr. Aurelio Martín Hidalgo, and the Department of Ecology, Parasitology and Genetics, genetics area, directed by Dr. Mariano Hernández Ferrer, (June - October 2013)
  • Member of the Spanish Ornithological Society (2009-present)
  • Member of the Association for the Conservation of Canarian Biodiversity (2020-present)
  • Premio extraordinario Fin de Carrera in Animal Biology, Universidad de La Laguna (2011)