The Institutional Delegation of the CSIC in the Canary Islands

Dependent on the Vice-Presidency of Organization and Institutional Relations of the Spanish national research council (CSIC), this delegation represents it in the regional Canary Autonomous Community. It is located in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, at the headquarters of the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology (IPNA). Its coordinator (delegate) acts as the CSIC's spokesman and liaison point with other public and private institutions in the Autonomous Community. Currently, the CSIC Institutional Delegation in the Canaries is headed by Dr. Manuel Nogales Hidalgo, who has held the post since 28 September 2016.



Its purpose is to coordinate and strengthen the CSIC's relations with other institutions and public and private entities in the Canary Autonomous Community, characterized by its inherently fragmented territory and geographical isolation.


The Delegation's task is to disseminate and communicate science through outreach and public relations and education, and specifically to make society aware of activities carried out by the CSIC.


It is also important to highlight its key role in knowledge transfer, offering cutting-edge scientific-technological capacities at the service of all socio-economic sectors. Special emphasis is given to small and medium-sized enterprises in the islands, with the aim of improving their competitiveness. The ultimate goal is to ensure that IPNA research is transformed into social, economic and cultural welfare.



Among the main functions of the Delegate (Dr. M. Nogales) within the institutional representation of the CSIC, the following are important:  

  • Relations with other institutions in the Autonomous Community:  the Canary government, the seven island councils (‘Cabildos’), the two universities, other research bodies, and social entities: e.g. foundations, associations, etc.
  • Negotiating collaboration agreements to promote and support IPNA’s research and training objectives
  • Coordinating scientific culture, communication and knowledge transfer activities developed or promoted by the delegation.


Currently, through its local delegation, the CSIC is represented for instance in the:

  • Canary Islands Volcanic Risk Prevention Plan (PVOLCA).
  • Trusteeships of the three National Parks in the Canary Islands (Teide NP, - Tenerife, Caldera de Taburiente - La Palma, Garajonay NP - La Gomera, and Timanfaya NP – Lanzarote.
  • Land Environment and Dissemination Commissions of the Canary Islands Climate Change Observatory, Canary Government.



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