The Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología conducts an intense research in response to the growing scientific demand. From the Knowledge Transfer Office we try to open a channel of communication among our research communities, which provides results and scientific advances, and companies able to implement solutions and discoveries to the needs or develop of new products and services.

Our main objective is to achieve researching at the IPNA yields benefits for economic, cultural and social welfare.

The Institute provides various services for scientific and technological support to any business that can benefit from the capabilities and resources of the center and are summarized as follows:

  • Consulting services.
  • Technology Support Services: analysis, testing, validation, etc.
  • Technological problems solving and new products / services development under R&D contract.

The center is also interested in joint projects involving technology development in collaboration with external customers and partners. In this case the center can collaborate as an external partner to participate in joint projects seeking funding and contributing to the development of an appropriate proposal.

Finally, the Institute offer visits to their facilities to any external entities and industrial technology sector in order to provide more detailed information on our capabilities and resources as well as the services provided.

For IPNA technologies currently protected under patent, please visit Technological Offer.

Capabilities & Services Offer

Phone: +34 922 256 847. Ext 213
Responsible: Dr. Sebastián Jimenez Reyes
Email:  sebastian [...] jimenezatcsic [...] es